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Different between “Create Date” and “Time Added” fields

Different between “Create Date” and “Time Added” fields published on No Comments on Different between “Create Date” and “Time Added” fields

imageAlmost all objects created inside SCSM has a two similar fields: “Create Date” and “Time Added”. But in many case value of those fields can be very different. But why this happened and what value are stored at those fields?

The “Time added” is a generic field (i.e. all objects inside SCSM have that field), instead of “Create Date”, which added to some classed explicit. And those fields store different values.  The “Time added” set automatically then object are saved in database. But “Create Date” set  by user, and almost always it filled then ‘create new object’ form are opened. Filing form – not a short time action, we must fill title, description and another information, it may take some time – 2, 5, 10 minutes. And only then we save the object (click OK or Apply). And at this moment the “Time added” field set to the current time.

Example. Let’s create new incident: Then we click to “Create new incident” task and form are opened note that “Create date” already filled:

After that we start fill the form, spend some time on this. Then we save the form. At this moment “Time added” field  are filled. Here result:


As you can see the “Time Added” more then the “Create Date”

Which value use – it’s your choice. Almost always it was “Create Date”, because form’s logic and some internal process are target to that field.


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