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AVE: Edit management pack with views using Authoring Tool

AVE: Edit management pack with views using Authoring Tool published on 9 Comments on AVE: Edit management pack with views using Authoring Tool

All views created inside SCSM are stored in management pack. The best practice is separate type settings (like class, relationship etc.), forms and data available in console (like lists, templates and views). But very often all that settings are saved in one management pack. And when you try to edit such management pack using Authoring Tool you can be in trouble because Authoring Tool require loaded all sealed management packs which referenced from management pack which is editing.

If you edit view with AVE then it insert reference to sealed management pack with console tasks (Edit View etc.). As result when you try to open unsealed management pack with view created with AVE using the Authoring Tool you’ll get the error:
Could not load management pack [ID=FreemanRU,SCSMAdvancedviewEditor, KeyToken=07ccc801312057aa, Version=1 .3.6555.32]. The management pack was not found in the store.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to extract sealed management pack from MPB file. So I’ve decide to share MP files for SCSM 2010 and SCSM 2012 to make possible edit management pack using Authoring Tool. NOTE.You still must import MPB file to SCSM. MP file required only for Authoring Tool.

You must copy appropriated file at “c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2010 Authoring\Library\” for SCSM 2010 or at “c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft System Center 2012\Service Manager Authoring\Library\” for SCSM 2012 respectively.

Links to MP files by version:
AVE 1.3.6555.35 MP (SCSM 2010 SP1)
AVE 2.0.1561.15 MP (SCSM 2012 RTM)



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