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Changes in upcoming update of AVE for SCSM 2012

Changes in upcoming update of AVE for SCSM 2012 published on No Comments on Changes in upcoming update of AVE for SCSM 2012

imageAt the moment with AVE you can use two different way to set criteria: by Criteria Builder (standard component of the SCSM 2012) and with XML Editor (basic text editor). The reason of using two different ways is simple: Criteria Builder allow you to add criteria fast and without knowledge of XML but is has many limitations and in some case working not as expected.

With current version of AVE you can switch between Criteria Builder and XML editor. When you switch from Criteria Builder to XML Editor you can copy XML code generated by Criteria Builder to XML Editor. This is very helpful: you can create some basic criteria in Builder and then change it in XML Editor. But if you switch back to Builder the XML code will not parsed by Criteria Builder.

Another moment is saving criteria. When you press OK or Apply Advanced View Editor will take criteria from component that currently selected. If you switch to Criteria Builder and saved view then criteria will be saved from Criteria Builder. If you switch to XML Editor – will be saved from it. But when you open for edit this view again the Advanced Editor doesn’t know how the view was saved – from Builder or from Editor. With SCSM 2010 that was easy to handle – if criteria is right but not supported by Builder it’s raise exception. AVE handle this exception and disable Builder. With SCSM 2012 it’s not. If criteria is right Builder never raise exception even if can’t parse it.

So I’ve decide to change logic of the switching between Builder and XML Editor. This changes will come with next version of the AVE that will be published in next few days. First of all, from next version when you switch from XML Editor to Builder, Builder will try to parse criteria. If criteria contains mistakes the Builder will raise exception.If criteria is right but doesn’t supported by Builder then Builder will be disabled.

For example if you set criteria with XML Editor to something like AssignedTo=[me] AND Status != Closed AND Status != Resolved and switch to Builder then the Builder will “kill” this criteria and (for unknown for me reason) will change it to AssignedTo=[me] OR (Status != Closed AND Status != Resolved). In this case Builder will be disabled.

Second change is how to view saved. AVE still get criteria from selected component (Builder or XML Editor). But now the AVE set flag how it was saved. When you next time will open view for edit then will be selected component from which criteria was saved.


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