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AVE 2 Pro: Custom Columns

AVE 2 Pro: Custom Columns published on 3 Comments on AVE 2 Pro: Custom Columns

Using standard columns you can display only values from view’s fields. But what if you want to display some complex information: get values from several fields, format values or display values in with custom control? Using standard view editor this is impossible. But even in out-of-box views you can find examples of custom columns. For instance, “Incidents with Service Level Breached” view contain calculated column “Service Level Target”. This column check all target times from all SLO attached to incident and display the earliest target date.

Advanced View Editor 2 Pro allow you to add custom column. You can create your own custom columns and add it to AVE 2 Pro UI using simple template.


There are two custom column out-of-box for AVE 2 Pro:

  • SLA State Icon
  • SLA Target Date

Please follow guide How to add custom SLA columns.

The independent developers can create templates for custom columns. Please follow guide How to add custom column template to AVE 2 Pro.


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