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Export SMPortal to another Sharepoint site or server

Export SMPortal to another Sharepoint site or server published on 4 Comments on Export SMPortal to another Sharepoint site or server

imageWhen you have installed the SCSM web-portal you will have two sites: standard root site for team work and child site SMPortal with SCSM web-portal itself. If you want to use one SMportal you can move it to root level.

To do that you must:

  1. Launch the “SharePoint 2010 Management Shell” (PowerShell).
  2. To export site run command:
    Export-SPWeb -Identity http://scsm12/SMPortal -Path с:\SMPortal\SMPortalSite.bak
    http://scsm12/SMPortal – full URL to SMPortal site
    с:\SMPortal\SMPortalSite.bak – full path to file where copy will saved
  3. To replace root site run command:
    Import-SPWeb -Identity http://scsm12 -path “c:\SMPortal\SMPortalSite.bak” –Force
  4. Open the http://scsm12 and check the changes.

Same aproach you can use to transfer SMportal site to any Sharepoint server, To do that you must prepare your Sharepoint server:

  1. Install English Language Pack if you use non-english Sharepoint (Sharepoint Server LP or Sharepoint Foundation LP)
  2. Install SP for Language Pack if necessary.
  3. Deploy SCSM web-parts.

Note, what you can import site’s backup to site collection based on “Team Site” template enlgish version only.



Doing this leads to a new SMPortal without any Silverlight connectivity which means that the site will not open up any SCSM Information at all. Any ideas?

Im getting this error

A Web Part with this ID has already been added to this page.

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID: 3321b4f9-ef39-4573-8c33-dd27af5f384b

Date and Time: 10/2/2012 12:56:37 PM

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