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Easy way to deploy SCSM webparts to existing SharePoint Site

Easy way to deploy SCSM webparts to existing SharePoint Site published on 7 Comments on Easy way to deploy SCSM webparts to existing SharePoint Site

imageSome time ago Travis was publish the article about how to deploy SCSM web-parts to existing Sahrepoint server. But this instruction is very complex, and same tasks can be acomplished with much more easy way without manually copying files, editing the web.config and etc.

To make this you still must have installed SCSM web-portal on any test SharePoint server with standard approach. Also you must have installed web content server. It’s necessary to have ability to copy solutions from SMPortal to another Sharepoint server. When you have installed the SMportal you will have new site collection and two sites inside it: root site and child /SMPotal site.

Let’s start. I’m assume what you already have the production Sharepoint server installed along with SCSM web-content server and test SMportal.

Note: with that aproach also will be deployed SharePoint SiteTemplate, SM Sharepoint Site Master Page, SM Sharepoint Site CSS, SM Sharepoint site Theme.

Configure the IIS site

SCSM web-parts use the IIS Application Settings to determinate the address of the web-content server. So we must add new setting to IIS site that hosts Sharepoint. Note to different notation for IIS and Sharepoint. The “Site” in IIS corresponds to the “Web Application” in Sharepoint.

To add new setting you must:

  1. Open the IIS site that hosts Sharepoint.
  2. Navigate to “Application Settings”:
  3. Add new setting named “SMPortal_WebContentServer_URL” and set its value to “http://webcontentserver:port/ContentHost/ClientBin/” where webcontentserver:port is name and port of prevision installed SCSM web content server. Note to protocol (http or https):

Импорт решения в Sharepoint

Now you must search file named “Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.Portal.SharePointSite.wsp” at test Sharepoint server. Usual this file located in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories. This file contains web-parts, resources and etc, all that in Travis’s article you must copy manually. When founded, copy this file to any folder at target Sharepoint server, for example C:\SMPortal. After that you must:

  1. Launch the “SharePoint 2010 Management Shell” (PowerShell)
  2. To install solution run command:
    Add-SPSolution “c:\SMPortal\Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.Portal.SharePointSite.wsp”
  3. To install solution run the command:
    Install-SPSolution Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.Portal.SharePointSite.wsp –GACDeployment
  4. To activate solution run command (also you can do the same at Site Properties):
    Enable-SPFeature SMPortalSharePointSiteFeatures -Url http://portal
    where http://portal – full URL of the site collection where you plan to use SCSM web-parts.

And that is all, now you can use your web-parts. No GAC, no manually edited web.config. Easy ))



Hello, Thank you for this article. I am getting an error when deploying the wsp to my site. The solution activates and webparts are available but I am not able to create a site based on the template.
“A Duplicate field name “Date” was found.”

Any ideas on what could be the issue?

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