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AVE Pro: ‘My Work Items’ view

AVE Pro: ‘My Work Items’ view published on 4 Comments on AVE Pro: ‘My Work Items’ view

One of the most “most voted” feature of the SCSM 2012 is the My Work Items. The problem is what you can create view targeted to WorkItem (or type projections targeted to WorkItem class) but in this case you can use properties only from WorkItem class (and parent classes). But most properties like Status, Categoty and so on are stored in child classes like Incident, ChangeRequest and other.

There is already few solutions are exists to solve this problem. One of them was made by Rob (at moment of writing this article it was not available for some reason. You can read about solution in the Rob’s blog) designed as console task with list of work items and it’s free to download:

But if you need use the console tasks you still can’t do this with any of existing (at moment of writing this blogpost) solutions.

Advanced View Editor has own implementation of the My WorkItems view. This view based on standard SCSM view so you can use any console tasks (and custom tasks too) associated with each type of the items:

You can add or remove classes displayed in view by editing the management pack (or with AVE Pro in future builds), you can define columns (and custom columns too) as you usual do it with standard view. You can use standard preview pane (or your custom preview pane). You can change criteria for each type. You can add you custom classes derived from WorkItem. Flexible. And fully customizable.

My WorkItems view will be available as part of the Advanced View Editor Pro License.



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