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“Pause” SLA in SCSM 2012: Yes, you can

“Pause” SLA in SCSM 2012: Yes, you can published on 19 Comments on “Pause” SLA in SCSM 2012: Yes, you can

imageThis is not a technical article but some kind of news. With SLA feature you can create a “rule” how to apply SLA to SCSM’s objects like incidents or service request (or any other object). If you don’t know how to do that please welcome to Rodney’s blogposts series: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

But many peoples ask the one question: can we pause SLA depend from status or anything else? For example, how to stop SLA timer if status of incident changed to Pending? Before this week all who answer on this question (me too) ask “No, it’s possible”. But in fact you can (but see the note and the end of this article).

To demonstrate this I’ve created new SLO with next parameters:

Queries: High Priority incidents (all incidents with Impact and Urgency = High)
Calendar: 24×7 (every day from 00:00 to 23:59)
Metric: Incident – Resolution time
Warning Threshold: 2 hours
Target: 10 hours

Newly created incidents already has a SLA object:

As you can see target date is 07.08.2012 02:42 (CreatedOn + 10 hours).

After modification of the workflows settings (see next blogpost, XML coding of course) we can use Pausing feature. Let’s change status of our incident to pending:

Now let’s see what’s happened with SLA object:

As you can see the SLA object now is in Paused state and there is no more “Time before SLO breached”! Some time later I’ve changed incident’s status back to Active:
Note to time: time span between two state changes is a 1 hour and 3 minutes (17:21 – 16:18). Now let’s see to SLA object:

Look at  the “Target End Date” field. Now it’s equal to (CreatedOn + 10 hours) + 1 hour 3 minutes. What mean it’s longer on period when incident was in Pending state.

NOTE: Something telling me what this feature added as unsupported. Try to investigate that and let you know.



This post all other posts about pausing SLA area are freezed until 25.08.2012

Hello FreeManRU … today is the 27th … we have updated news about the release of this script?

I still have no answer from MSFT.

Hello FreemanRU,

This solution does not work if your calendar is diferent then 24×7, right?

I have managed pause the sla, but how I can get the time between the states when the calendar is not 24×7?

Is it possible?


Twofold isn’t, the SLA posts have been paused ;-) But seriously some customer looking forward to this functionality!

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