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SMLets at PowerShell Gallery!

SMLets at PowerShell Gallery! published on 7 Comments on SMLets at PowerShell Gallery!

Hi folks! I have a very good news for you. If you never heard about PowerShell Gallery then it great moment to look at and learn about this cool feature because SMLets is now available at PowerShell Gallery.

The PowerShell Gallery is online repository of PS scripts and modules. The most cool part of it is that fact what you can install modules from PowerShell wherever you have an access to Internet! No more MSI files and over borrow Next->Finish UIs. It still in preview status, but you can use it right now without any problem.

To install SMLets from PSGallery:

  1. If you have OS prior Windows 10 then please install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and PackageManagement PowerShell Modules (Preview)
  2. Run your PowerShell console (or ISE, or any favorite PowerShell IDE) with evaluated permissions (Run as Administrator)
  3. Execute command:
install-module SMLets

That’s all :) Enjoy!



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